Fail Fast at Coding

Throughout our lives, we continually told to succeed. Many of us were never told to fail. Well, that’s what you should do, especially when you are learning to code. Coding isn’t easy to do and it’s definitely not for everyone [] but when you take on the challenge of learning to code [] you should take on projects that you aren’t comfortable with so that you are able to fail faster while improving your skillset.

Many people stay in the comfort area of coding when they first start out – They learn HTML and CSS, which is absolutely okay HOWEVER, don’t stay there longer than needed. It’s important that once you grasp a concept that you move on to another concept that’s more challenging than the next and add it to the things you already know.

Let’s say you do know HTML and CSS and have built a basic website with it – Awesome work btw! A friend approaches you to build them a website and host it for them. This would be considered a challenge for you because you haven’t hosted a website before. Consider that your golden opportunity to take on a new challenge and potentially fail at it. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t learn everything at once. This is why you should take on new challenges with the expectation of growth, be positive about the unknown things. Back to my example – You may fail at the first attempt of hosting your friends’ website BUT you tried your best and didn’t give up, consider that a big win! Take advantage of the wealth of information on the web to help you succeed the next time. Eventually, you will end up with a win as long as you keep trying.


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