How to Learn How to Code

With the New Year coming around there always seems to be an increase in those that want to learn how to code – Which I think it’s awesome! However, don’t just learn to code because it’s the ‘In thing to do’ (Read more about that here:
). At any rate, I decided to make a list of ways one can teach themselves to code. This may come off as a surprise to some who think that I only learned to code at a bootcamp, in fact, my story is a bit unique in that I also took Computer Science classes in college as well as did some self teaching in between college and the boot camp (a span of 5 years).

Here’s some ways to learn how to code:
Websites to learn how to code
Youtube Videos that teach code
Traversy Media –
Chris Hawkins –
Telmo Sampaio-
Tutorials on the websites of languages and frameworks
Depends on what you want to learn usually has a tutorial for any language

I recommend using a mix of FreeCodeCamp, youtube videos and tutorials online. When doing tutorials online, I’d start at a website for a language and going through the set up process and then go to the tutorial on the website. Follow along then do the tutorial again or an idea that you came up with and do it without looking at the directions. After that keep adding to your skillset by viewing more tutorials and creating something that you want like a website or a web application.

Check out the video below to view my video on youtube.