Week 1 of Project Week:

It’s been a pretty productive week for me at the Dojo.


On Monday, I was pulled aside by the instructor who went over a few things about my exam that I missed. Needless to say I didn’t pass the exam. I felt it was helpful, he returned my test to me and told me to go back over it. I spent most of my Monday doing that. In the afternoon, I started working on the group project with a few of my other cohort-mates…one of the guys wanted to build an e-commerce site for his mother. We had met that morning so I knew I was in charge of the create products page and the page to display all the products. I managed to add the pages physical pages and push them to github…Another person was working on the HTML/CSS for the main page and someone else’s job was the main dashboard page which would be the central hub for the admin to keep track of the purchases.


On Tuesday, I spent my day working on preparing to re-take my exam for tomorrow. My biggest issue are the associations in mongoose, I always have trouble getting the user information to appear in the other collection in order to display the information needed and the fact that I’m not very good in deciding what all I would need for a schema.


On Wednesday, I took the test and immediately figured out that I would have to take it again. The associations tripped me up again! I did what I could figure out and turned my test in before I ran out of time. I spoke with the instructor that day and let him know that I got further than I did last time but still didn’t finish. I spent the rest of my day finishing the exam…I finally finished that night! It took way longer than it should have but I did it on my own and I felt really good about it. There was just one little thing I was missing…I was unable to display the name of there person who answered the question, which seems simple but all I could get to display was the Id of the person not there name.


On Thursday, I spoke to the instructor about it and he informed that since I had my association to the other table nested inside of an object, in an array I would have to do a little bit more work to retrieve it. I had to use the object keyword path in order to define which attribute of the collection I wanted to retrieve as well as the name of the table I wanted to retrieve the data from.   I thought I would finally complete it until I realized that I was still not saving the data correctly in my database…it would show up when I console.logged it after retrieving the one item of data! I decided to return to that after I finished making some headway on the group project. Thursday morning, I managed to get the functionality of adding products, saving them to the database and displaying the products to work so I pushed that up to github.

That afternoon, majority of my group was going to an event at the House of Blues where startups pitch their ideas to investors, we went to that. There were some good ideas presented but my favorite would have to be teaching kids to learn to code. It’s something I believe in, I used to volunteer to teach kids to code through a non profit so when I heard it presented at the event I perked up. I think it’s important to present it to kids at an early age along with the math and science classes. The startup that presented has already implemented the program in a few private schools in the Texas area. After hanging out for a bit, we returned back to the Dojo and after reviewing our experience with the instructor and a couple folks that didn’t go, I was about to head out for the day. I checked in with my cohort mate about the project and told him what all I completed and he informed me that he needed a button implemented after the user adds a product to purchase, so I implemented that and pushed my changes to github and left for the day.


On Friday, I worked at home that morning – Turns out the exam I was working on had broken more since I left it, I was unable to view the information I needed about each product, I later on found out that I just uncommented out the function that was used to show the product when clicked on. That afternoon I went out of town to a graduation – my cousin was graduating high school, she made class valedictorian of her school! Super proud of her and her accomplishments. Anyways, I was still scratching my head about how to get the name of the person to show up on the question they answered for most of the 2 hour trip so I decided to turn to the video the instructor made – He recorded a lecture of the first exam I took, going over the answer in detail. I decided to spend some time going over that step by step…I looked at the video Friday morning but I didn’t code with him.


On Saturday morning, I awoke in the hotel room from the alarm accidentally going off – My mom accidentally turned it on and couldn’t turn it off so I woke up to turn it off. I couldn’t go back to sleep and that was about 5am…I normally wake up at 5:20am anyway so I stayed up and started coding with the video. I plan to finish that today and then redo the exam I took on Wednesday…I probably won’t retake the exam until Monday or Tuesday when I’m more confident with creating schema associations and displaying the correct data.