Don’t Settle for just ANY Job

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I feel as people, especially black people or people of color minorities, are taught to accept the first thing that is given to us. This is more so when it comes to job opportunities.

But I see more and more that it’s important for us as minorities to really think about what we want, write down what we need and what we won’t bargain with. We should not back down just because it’s the first opportunity that we see. There’s probably more opportunities out there for you to have but you just accepted what was put in front of you. For me, my parents have that mentality – that someone gave them a job and they have to make sure to keep that job and so on and so forth. In my opinion, people might give you a door but it’s your job to do the work and make that door open. 

I remember when I was job hunting and I felt like the first person that said yes that I should accept. I feel like we think that way because we can’t see anything else. Please make sure you do your due diligence and look and apply for opportunities that fit what you’re looking for. 

Don’t settle for the first thing because they offer – I understand that sometimes we do settle for one reason or another so if you do that, then be ready to accept everything that comes with it. Put your best forward forward and learn what you need until you truly find what you’re looking for. 

In conclusion, go for what you want, stop saying you can’t have it because it’s not your time yet or you don’t deserve it. Wait for the bigger blessing for your future, really lean into what matters and which place will better serve those values and that fit within your lifestyle. Like I said, it’s best to know what you want so that you can only go for what you want.