Starting the MEAN Stack With Javascript

Looking Back – Starting MEAN – First Up – Javascript


This week we’re doing morning algorithms with Stacks and Queues and boy is it excited! J/K, not really.

I think once I get past the LIFO and the FIFO principles to decide how to retrieve values from a linked list or an array, I’ll feel much better about these guys.

I finally received my results back from the retake of my exam and I earned a 9/10 which I knew I where I had issues and I talk my instructor about it when I returned to the Dojo so there was no surprise on that part. I accumulated enough points to receive my Red Belt! It’s definitely not the black belt I was hoping for BUT I certainly have come along way these past 4 weeks than I ever did on my own so I am happy about that.


We started Javascript  on Monday going through the fundamentals, Tuesday we went through object oriented principles and then Wednesday we complete the Advanced topics of Javascript. Since, we’ve been doing all our morning algorithms in Javascript and have already conquered one stack, I was feeling pretty confident about the Javascript assignments.

My favorite was the Deck of Cards Assignment where you create a deck of 52 cards, shuffle them and deal then to a player all outputting into the console. I was pretty proud of myself for getting that far with the assignment. This project can be found here:, currently it only shuffles and deals to a player. In our last stack we had the same assignment in LAMP, unfortunately, I was too behind to even try to attempt it, this time, the MEAN stack was unlocked on Sunday when I’ve been working for the past weeks so I was able to look at the material and do the first assignment which definitely boasted my confidence.

I managed to tackle the assignment creating the Fibonacci numbers in the Advanced Javascript section, it was the last mandatory assignment and it took me a pencil/paper, lots of thinking and about an hour or so to figure out but I managed to get it working by creating a temp variable to hold my sum value in for my else statement. I played with the temp a little bit until I ran it and figured out that it had finally executed correctly. Felt great, to get the spend so much time racking my brain and then to finally come up with a solution! I put this on github, check it out here: