Black Tech Pipeline | #blackTechTwitter

Who they are

BlackTechPipeline is a platform started by Pariss Athena who tweeted asking what black tech twitter looked like. That tweet received several responses and the #BlackTechTwitter hashtag started creating exposure and awareness to black technologist.

At BlackTechPipeline you can find resources and collaboration for blacks in the tech industry

What demographic they serve

Black community mainly and allies of the black tech community 

How can you find them

Go to their website, sign up for the newsletter for more info and join their slack and discord communities. You can also find them online under the #BlackTechTwitter or #BlackTechPipeline hashtag

BlackTechPipeline website will formally launch soon (if it hasn’t already by the time you’re reading this)

The site will contain recruitment, a job board, resources and events from companies specifically aimed at opportunities for blacks to be more present in the tech space

What support you should expect from them

Coding help, network, if you have good news you want to share, if you want to promote content that supports black tech community and conversations with like minded individuals

How did I find out about it

I was searching online for black tech communities a while back and came across this community. I started on their discord and their slack channel. I also signed up for the newsletter and there is vital information in that newsletter that talks about how employers can support blacks in tech at their communities

(mostly)Diverse Conferences 2020

Watch the video on my channel @tiffalwaysfly on YouTube

Conferences are great way to meet others in tech, learn about new things within technologies, meet others, find out about cool companies, etc. I enjoy going to conferences to meet others and learn about coding languages or new findings within a technology.

This year, I plan to visit 5 conferences. I want to talk briefly about each one and maybe even navigate their websites to see what other information we can find out about. 

I am also making an attempt to go to attend more conferences that provide a diverse experience including diverse speakers/panels as well as diverse conference attendees. I plan to document some of my journey at these conferences so be on the lookout for footage and my review of each one.

Black is Tech – Manhattan, NY April- As you know from another video I did about Laracon 2019 (check out the video if you haven’t already), I’m not a fan of NY. However, the tickets were reasonable and plus I can appreciate NY for what it is even though it’s not my favorite 🙂 This conference has black excellence written all over it – Entrepreneurs, engineers, dreamers, etc. I’m excited to meet some people of color that are doing some great things in the tech space.

Video Marketing World – Mainly for business owners trying to market their products better – I signed up to go to this one when I went to the last one last year. The tickets were discounted and I wanted to see if there’d be any value in the talks.

Women Who Code Connect – April – I may not be going since I’ll be visiting conference back to back but it’s worth a mention if you are in or around the San Francisco area. I went last year, lots of amazing women in tech doing some great things and spreading their knowledge to others.

Codeland – NY – I AM TOO EXCITED about this conference. I saw their speaker line up last year and it was so diverse I couldn’t wait to soak up all the knowledge the speakers had to give. I’m just excited to finally attend. When I first started to learn how to code, I started following the #codeNewbie on Twitter – A great community of learners, excited to share new things they find out about. There’s a Wednesday twitter chat I would sometimes join in. And now they are partnered with to provide an even greater conference. I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon at Blacks in Technology a couple years ago and I was just excited to tell her I appreciate what she’s doing for the community. I’m looking forward to meeting some people and perhaps seeing some people from online.

Laracon – ATL – It’s happening. Women Who Code DFW and Tighten have teamed up to help bring some diverse people to Laracon. I was excited to spread the word to my local Women Who Code community. Fortunately, I was able to gather five individuals for this conference. I’m super excited to enjoy this conference with them. Everyone is genuinely excited to be a part of it. I can’t wait to hear the talks from the speakers!

Blacks in Technology – Chicago – I didn’t go last year and I was sad about it so I’m making a point to book everything so that I can go to this conference. I cannot wait to see some familiar faces. There’s always so much great talent lurking within this conference.