Black Tech Pipeline | #blackTechTwitter

Who they are

BlackTechPipeline is a platform started by Pariss Athena who tweeted asking what black tech twitter looked like. That tweet received several responses and the #BlackTechTwitter hashtag started creating exposure and awareness to black technologist.

At BlackTechPipeline you can find resources and collaboration for blacks in the tech industry

What demographic they serve

Black community mainly and allies of the black tech community 

How can you find them

Go to their website, sign up for the newsletter for more info and join their slack and discord communities. You can also find them online under the #BlackTechTwitter or #BlackTechPipeline hashtag

BlackTechPipeline website will formally launch soon (if it hasn’t already by the time you’re reading this)

The site will contain recruitment, a job board, resources and events from companies specifically aimed at opportunities for blacks to be more present in the tech space

What support you should expect from them

Coding help, network, if you have good news you want to share, if you want to promote content that supports black tech community and conversations with like minded individuals

How did I find out about it

I was searching online for black tech communities a while back and came across this community. I started on their discord and their slack channel. I also signed up for the newsletter and there is vital information in that newsletter that talks about how employers can support blacks in tech at their communities

Apple CarPlay Not Working After iOS Update – How to Fix

Smartphone Connection greyed out and not working
Here’s a quick video if you prefer to watch 🙂

For those who aren’t aware, on some cars, you have the option to connect your phone via Apple CarPlay – What that means is that you are now able to see your phone’s screen in your car and are able to access some of the apps for your phone and operate them.

A couple days ago, I was driving home when my phone disconnected from Apple CarPlay. My music immediately stopped playing. I have had this issue before so I was thinking it was no sweat – Just unplug the cord and replug it back into my phone. Only this time, that didn’t work. I also restarted my phone and that didn’t work either. When I got home, I scoured through many articles online saying that this was the result of an update of the newest version of Apple iOS (at the time of this it’s 13.2.2). I tried many things those same articles suggested: including plugging in with a different cord, downloading new software updates through my car’s infotainment system (Which there were none by the way), putting in airplane mode, etc. 

I was becoming extremely frustrated – I took to Twitter to call out my car dealership – Unfortunately, I got no response from them. 

Twitter Post to Honda – No response from them

I decided I would try to see if it would connect with an older iPhone that had not been updated with the latest software – For this, I went to visit my Mom. I explained to her my frustration and how I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a button for resetting this software. During my complaints, I recollected to her how I saw a Factory Reset Data button but didn’t select it because I wanted the system to update…She urged me to try it. And so I did. And it worked!!! 

Apple CarPlay now connected!

Mom’s know best! 

Anyways, because I have not seen this solution online anywhere, I have documented instructions in the video above. I really hope it works for you!

MacOS Catalina + User Error Broke my Mac

In the beginning, I started an update to Catalina

It was a Thursday evening when I had the bright idea to download the new MacOS, Catalina to my 2014 MacBook Pro. The day before, I had updated my work laptop and decided to update my personal laptop. The update was still going when I was ready to get to sleep   so I decided to leave it going while I slept. After all, there wasn’t much more to go, surely it’d be done by the morning. 

When it’s almost finished but not done yet.

The next day, I woke up only to find that my Mac was stuck in the same place as I had left it the night before. I decided to go powered it down and restart the download – Or so I thought it would be that easy. Once I powered down, I was met with a strange looking login that I’d never seen before. Disk Password – WTFudge?! I began to panic. What did I do? Why did I have to be so impatient? Is it broken forever? All of these thoughts and more were powered through my mind. 

Disk Password? WHYYYYY?! WHATTTT???

I did the only thing I knew I could do – Post on social media  and then I started googling! I searched loads of things.

I settled on a few good ones.

A sneak peak at my browser history

Meanwhile, a friend from work whom used to work at a Apple store was also giving me tips to try out – She suggested creating a bootable drive. Which was a great idea but I didn’t have any storage device that had about 16GB of space available. Ultimately, I had to get back to work so I powered down my laptop. At lunch, I went and bought a 1TB external drive. That evening I wasn’t able to work on it much so I saved it for Saturday. Saturday evening, I began looking at how to make this bootable drive situation work out but instead came up on another error when I was trying to do an internet recovery. I decided to reach out to my friend whom quickly gave me some solutions to try out and offered to help when we got back into the office on Tuesday. Grateful for the advice, I looked up one of the articles she had sent me about NVRAM – I tried those steps and I was finally able to move passed that globe screen I had seen way too many times. I was excited but still weary I’d get stuck somewhere else. 

At this point, I already made the decision that I was okay with erasing my Mac since everything currently on it was accessible on the internet or cloud somewhere. However, I didn’t want to unless it was necessary so after I was able to access Disk Utility I tried to install MacOS. It didn’t work sadly, my guess is I shut down the original download at a point where it was doing some stuff to the drive and now I was at the point of no return. So I opted to erase my Mac. It was a sad day and my heart was racing hoping that would allow my Mac to be usable again. 

I looked up a YouTube video about erasing the Mac and how to rename the drive and such (I had no idea since I’d never had to do this with a Mac before – My old Dell computers broke all the time back in the day…I don’t know whether it was because I was younger back then or what but I was real confident with taking those computers apart and fixing them. I guess this is also different since the Mac was way more expensive). At any rate, I was able to follow along and boot my Mac with Maverick OS (the original OS is came with when I purchased the machine a few years ago). It looked so old LOL! 

Luckily, I had the Catalina MacOS installer on an external drive and was able to download from there. It downloaded very quickly on my “New Old Mac”. I then started my usual ritual, use Safari to download Chrome and downloaded my terminal. 

Over the next few days, I wanted to get Final Cut Pro installed so I could edit videos. I downloaded from the Apple Store but it kept failing saying it couldn’t be downloaded. I was once again annoyed! Geez, why won’t the things just work! Went back to Google – There were a few articles about how Catalina could affect FCP version xxx and the solution was to have a separate drive with Mojave MacOS installed and download FCP from there. I waiting the next day to try that. I downloaded the latest version of the Mojave download. I was curious so I went back to the Apple Store and attempted to download FCP from there and it worked! I don’t remember doing anything different but I didn’t care, it worked and now I can spend my weekend editing and hopefully filming. 

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing 🤷🏾

The past couple months, I’ve been going back and forth about my feelings about my work. I have been told that I am doing a great job and what not but I don’t believe it for myself. I don’t have a niche in my opinion (That one thing I’m good at and that others know I am good at). I feel like I know some things but I don’t feel very confident in any of them. 

Oddly enough, a few months back, I did a talk on Imposter Syndrome, I’ll link that here.

Check out my talk about Imposter Syndrome

It’s funny how at one point, you’re working on a project and feeling okay about how it’s going, you’re getting stuff done. Then BAM! That project is over and you don’t have the same feeling about the new stuff you’re doing. It’s natural not to feel confident in doing it because you haven’t had time to adjust and don’t know as much about it because you haven’t worked with it. 

Anyways, I’m here to let you know – It’s okay not to feel okay about the projects you’re doing. I have yet to find someone who fully enjoys every part of their job. I will continue to try new things and maybe they won’t be my jam or I won’t feel confident in my abilities but at least I can say that I tried it. 

Going back to not feeling confident: How am I dealing with this? It’s hard to say right now – I’m having doubts about being able to solve problems and I’m looking back at my career path. I’m also trying to figure out How exactly do I learn best? I struggled with this because growing up: I told myself Just fake it to you make it. OR There’s strength in the struggle. So, there I was, just dealing with it on my own until a breakthrough happened…And eventually there was always a breakthrough! You can’t do that as an engineer. You have many problems to solve and you need to get stuff done and move on to the next thing because there are always more things. I learned that the hard way but I sometimes find myself going back into bad habits and wanting to figure it out all by myself. Truth is, I don’t have all the answers.

Gif of Kanye West Talking to Sway

I took a break this weekend – I was feeling bummed on Friday and very hard on myself…So Saturday – I went to the Arboretum, took some pics, walked around. I needed that break and it felt great to do something I’ve never done before. Take a look at some of the shots I captured. 

Me in front of stream of water

A Gigantic Pumpkin

Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch

Large trees with people standing on walking path

When the week starts back up, I may be having the same feeling of What am I really doing here? I wish I could tell you what to do here but sadly I don’t know. I’ll report back when I do though. Until then, I’ll choose to believe that Time heals everything 

 Does that even apply here? Again, I’m not sure. 

Moral of the story: If you’re feeling lost, it’s okay. We all feel lost at one point or another. Find the positives and take time for yourself to recharge.

Looking Back and Starting Over

I looked at my website. I redesigned and coding it back in January this year when I had some time. I scrolled down to see my blogs and realized it had been last year (December 2018) since I posted a blog to it. Shocked and disappointed at myself, I realized I needed to change that. Hence, why I am writing to you today. I’m not going to go back to last year…I don’t remember all of the things that have taken place. I will give you a summary though (of the high points that I recall).


I started working as a full time back end developer at a company I used to intern at. I remember being excited and very grateful for the opportunity to return to the team as a full time employee – Ready to contribute and make a difference. 

JANUARY 2019 – JULY 2019

It was decided that I would start working on an integration with Salesforce. I didn’t know why I was chosen, I thought to myself Hope I don’t screw this up and lose my job 😅I went through several emotions mentally during the next few weeks – In the end, my final thought was Everything happens for a reason and I believed that to be true. I’m also not a quitter (Unless it’s a life or death matter OR Potentially harmful). 

Let’s fast forward to me working with Salesforce – In a nutshell. It was frustrating and sucked for a bit! Docs were all over the place. I was integrating Laravel with Salesforce API using Forrest (Which was pretty cool!). I remember talking to rep from Salesforce and asking a question about how to go about implementing a process and he said something along the lines of Your organization doesn’t have developer support. The developer that is integrating this should be able to figure it out. I nearly lost it! Instead, I held my composure like I tend to do, like I was taught to do. My response went a little like I am the developer working on this project, I just haven’t ever to implement this process but I’ll figure it out. 

Why does everything cost? I didn’t understand, Salesforce already has tons of monies, the product is gargantuous. I started doing my research to find anyone to answer my questions related directly to implementing things in Salesforce. I found resources such as Stack Exchange (, asking questions on the Salesforce website, watched YouTube videos and a slack group called Good Day Sir (I don’t know why it’s called that – It’s a podcast that I’ve never listened to The slack group has been more than helpful to me. 

Anyways, during these months, I realized I don’t know anything! LOL. Seriously. I struggled a lot with getting things to work but I completed my task of integration with the help of my co workers. At this point, I am pretty much over Salesforce – It’s been a headache and if you want something small done – There’s so many loopholes and obstacles. 

Here’s what we accomplished in a nutshell these past several months: 

  • Syncing our users and organizations over to Salesforce
  • Integrating Salesforce Live Chat to our app
  • Utilizing Opportunities in Salesforce and pairing it with our process on our site

There was more – I don’t remember it all but I do know there was more. Ask the Women Who Code DFW slack group – They know. They’ve heard me talk more than once about Salesforce and express my frustration and I appreciate each and every one of them. 

Currently, I’m fixing bugs in Salesforce every once in awhile. There’s some things that we’ve had to adjust in our app so that it works in Salesforce – I believe that’s what they want though. Salesforce wants you to adjust so they don’t have to keep adjusting on their end as much. 

That’s okay, I’ve learned a lot and even more about myself which I may uncover during another post (considering it took me forever to post about this, I wouldn’t hold my breath :] ). 


I didn’t want to talk about work because work involved something that I wasn’t particularly excited or passionate about so I thought Why waste more time on it. Also, I felt like there was pressure to get this stuff completed and I didn’t want to let anyone down so I focused on the necessities. Which meant this blog took a back seat. 

I also had a few life things happen – My car (that I just paid off in January 2019) was pronounced totaled at the end of March – I was in an accident on my way to work, the accident was my fault – I couldn’t stop quick enough without hitting the pick up truck in front of me. It was my first big accident where I was behind the wheel – I had anxiety for a bit driving down that same highway on my way to work…It’s better now. Just keep in mind that just because you caused it doesn’t mean that you weren’t affected by it. 

I also moved in March to my own apartment – It was a long time coming but I’m happy I took the leap. I’ve helped celebrate birthdays, I’ve been meeting with my life group from church, I’ve been getting more involved in church in different ministry – I’m now apart of the A/V ministry. I decided to buy a new car (The other one was bought used) and went through a sort of roller coaster with that. I have been to conferences.

I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve been busy with Women Who Code activities. 


I’ve maneuvered into the world of data. It’s still the early stages of it but so far so good. Of course I don’t know a lot but I’ve been reading up on SQL stuff in Mode Analytics and feel a bit better about it. I’ve spoken with friends about what I’m doing now. I felt the imposter syndrome big time but I am figuring out how to just embrace the fact that I once again don’t know everything about SQL and I’m not a pro. 


I plan to write a bit about a few things I’m proud of and that I was able to solve in Salesforce over the coming weeks – Someone hold me accountable! I’ve got a whiteboard of my ideas. Sitting here just writing down these thoughts feel so great though!

Contributing to Open Source

What I Learned After Contributing to Open Source – Hacktoberfest

  1. I recommend starting early in the month, it was the middle of the month and had a difficult time finding stuff to work on
    1. I’d look through the list of of tasks only to find out they had already been done
    2. In that same token, I took a task only to find out someone has already put a PR in for it
  2. Working on codebases that has pretty good documentation – Especially if it’s your first hacktoberfest
    1. I came across the first task I signed myself up for and realized there wasn’t a lot of docs
      1. I asked for some help and couldn’t get things working so I decided to move forward with another project
  3. Work with languages (frameworks) in which you are familiar with (or at least interested in) – Especially if it’s your first hacktoberfest
    1. So that you can get your first couple of tasks out without much effort
    2. Then gradually move on to things you are unfamiliar with
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what is expected from you for the task
    1. Some folks don’t add good details about what they want/expect to be concluded at the end of the task, ask clarifying questions
      1. Join the slack group if they have one and Ask others questions
  5. Use the search by languages feature to narrow down the tasks within a specific language skill base that you want to complete
    1. This makes it so it’s easy to search for things you want to work on
  6. Pay attention to the labels for each project
    1. Notice labels such as labeled for hacktoberfest and beginner friendly
      1. If they have their own key, pay attention to those rules as well
  7. Contribute multiple times to the same code base
    1. Once you find a good codebase you don’t mind working with, find other issues you can potentially work on
      1. I found a project called directUs – The code was clean and the team was helpful plus everything was well documented…So I started to look for additional issues that hadn’t been worked on yet. It was difficult and I wasn’t successful but I didn’t give up.
  8. Continue to contribute even after hacktoberfest
    1. If you’ve started then keep going, don’t think you have to give up now that they month is over. Projects always need help.
  9. BONUS: I personally work on actual applications instead of projects that are more personal. Actual apps normally have login systems and just aren’t vanilla js/php code which is fine but it wasn’t my preference and not what I wanted to to contribute to.
  10. EXTRA BONUS: Thanks to a friend of mine, Thanks Claire!, I found out that you can make PR’s to your own projects on github – Super awesome if you’re trying to work on a new portfolio or web app.
  11. HONORABLE MENTION: The t-shirts for the ladies ran small, I ordered a size larger, to be on the safe side, but it didn’t fit either…I was bummed out but definitely learned my lesson.

AfroTech 2018 | My Recap

What is AfroTech? Conference for Blacks in tech, startups and entrepreneurs. Find more info here:

Where was it held? San Francisco

Goal for the conference? Network with other individuals and put myself out there. Learn about the way others worked. Wanted a wide variety of experience: I ended up going to many of the design talks (which wasn’t intentional), went to some of the leadership talks and the engineering talks.


Thursday – I arrived later than I wanted – Flight was delayed. We went to the Vegan restaurant where there were a lot of folks meeting up. We were late because the flight was delayed but it was still a good experience. Afterwards a few of us headed over to a curls and cocktail event – The highlight was the rooftop view. Then we headed over the Pintrest – a few of us didn’t have a ticket but we gave it a shot and we all were able to get in. There were some devs who gave short summaries of what they worked on. Afterward, I went to go talk to one of the devs about the skin tone feature they added but the music was up really loud so I wasn’t able to have a very meaningful conversation without yelling.


Friday – We had the app for AfroTech so notifications were sent out but they were delayed which means some folks didn’t see the message until it was too late – I was not in that number, I woke up early that day. Eventually, we got to one of the venues (this year they had the conference at 2 venues which were nowhere near each other which made travel between the two very difficult), got registered, got a our swag bags and started visiting with some of the companies that were there. Then there was the keynote – There was so much energy, so many companies – Microsoft, Target, Google, Tinder, stripe, new relic and so many more.

Then we headed over to the other venue and went to some of the design talks – We walked in on a prototyping session which was great for me because I it’s not a strong point and it’s interesting to see how you have to think about each parts of it. There was a talk from a designer at Netflix. She talked about A/B testing but made it relatable by comparing it to a real world example of Drake’s beard and the process of testing it with different users. Very Interesting! Her presentation was on point and I learned a lot just from her presenting skills.

There were other talks as well in regards to …etc.

After the conference there were several events that were happening – We went to Salesforce. Was trying to get into a Amazon event where Common (a rapper) was there but they were at capacity so we couldn’t get in…I was pretty disappointed but Whatevs. Due to logistics things didn’t work out.


Saturday – On Saturday – I started introducing myself to people randomly. I also got a chance to talk to a lady who actually worked on the product I was currently working on which is crazy because most people didn’t know about the company I worked for. I always had to go through the whole sphell of I work on a resident management portal … Saturday was also the time for the Engineering talk so I spent my morning at that session and then came back to the main venue. During the engineering talk, I heard talks on Product roadmaps, and hearing stories of how people got into tech and how they are paying it forward. It was really inspiring for me to hear. I really related to one of the speakers – We, as blacks in the tech space, generally make more than our parents do so we basically put ourselves in the positions to help our family out. The MC for the other location even told us to get more involved with investing and building for the future which really interests me.

There was Lyft party at their headquarters which was like where a lot of other tech companies are which was really exciting to be apart of. The lyft party was amazing! There was food, a live band playing all the good hits from that early 2000s era

Then the final wrap up party was at a venue with a host of guest djs!


So to recap – AfroTech was an amazing experience just to be in the room with so many black professionals in the industry and those trying to get in the industry and so many companies that are ready to hire us black professionals was an unforgettable experience. I’m looking forward to the next year and if you weren’t there – I hope to see you in Oakland next year!

Get your tickets here for AfroTech 2019:

Watch the YouTube Video here:


In terms of the delivery of software.

This whole article references the book ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’ by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas – Definitely a good recommended read, purchase here:

Original Question

Will it take more or less time to get a monolithic block of software to the required quality compared with a system designed in modules? (source: The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas –


Monolithic block of software – “A monolithic application is self-contained, and independent from other computing applications. ” (Source: ). Example – Some personal finance applications

system designed in modules – “is a design approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules or skids, that can be independently created and then used in different systems” (Source: )

required quality – In this instance it refers to the requirements that were set forth, probably by either a team within the company or end users themselves.

Answering the question

I believe it will take more time to get monolithic software to the required quality compared to a system designed in modules because it’s essentially a program that works together. Where as a system designed in modules has code that can be reused – I think of this an application where a user has a login and then they are redirected to a dashboard; authenticating a user can be used within another part of the application or other application entirely and more importantly, one developer can be working on that part without having to wait for another developer to finish one part of the application.

I’ve been taught that it’s important to make code that is DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and that can be reusable for another application. In the case of working in modules, it’ll be easy to start building out the login system since I’ve done it before for another application.

Providing an example

I do believe there may be a time and place for monolithic software and while doing some research I found this example of a monolithic application:

Breaking Down a Monolithic Software: A Case for Microservices vs. Self-Contained Systems

In this example, note that the website started out as a smaller application controlled through one stream and has since grown quite large and is not scalable on the platform it is now using. This leads me to believe that ultimately all applications that start out as monolithic and then grow that they should then be moved to using modules.


Explaining what monolithic is:
If you prefer charts and graphs:
I found this to be an easy to understanding of monolithic:

Being an Intern at nearly 30 years old

Determining to take the internship

When I was originally contacted about being an intern, I did what I normally would do and did some research about ‘being an intern at 30’. I found a couple articles, one in particular, ultimately helped make my decision.

A couple of things stood out to me from that article. 1. This person was a career changer and having an internship was the best way to get a sneak peak into the industry but for me my internship was an opportunity to learn more and become a contributing member of the engineering team. 2. This person also worked an unpaid internship – Mine was paid so I said well I’m already one up from this person so why not?

Starting the Internship

I must admit, I felt a bit silly for joining an organization as an intern. I thought the title was beneath me although nothing else, except for the Web Developer job I had just got laid off from, justified me to a better title. Nevertheless, I went in with an attitude of gratitude – I decided to soak up all the knowledge and learn all of the things! A little seize the opportunity if you would.

Once I was introduced to my teammates and the days grew on I realized they really thought I had just graduated from college recently. I still remember the looks on their faces when I told them I graduated back in 2011. It made me wonder, why do we make assumptions based on titles?

Take Aways

We have to stop assuming things about people when we don’t know their situation or what they are attempting to accomplish.

Try something different – Yes, my family thought I was crazy for being an intern at nearly 30 but I saw it as opportunity for growth.

Which leads me to the final take away – Don’t worry about what others think. Focus on your motive for why you want to move forward with something not what others are thinking about.
When all else fails, be bold, be great, be awesome and be fearless no matter how uncomfortable you feel!

Not Everyone Has a Computer

This past week, I decided to help out with the after school program for CodeStream Studios – where I also help out with some of the documentation they require for their curriculum time to time. I used to teach last year and came to realize that many students do not have access to a computer within their household.

I think it’s a common assumption that everyone owns either a laptop or a desktop machine in their home. It is a common reality, especially among most of these students, that they don’t own any machine as such. Many students have a phone and that’s where most of their interaction with a keyboard is. According to this article, [Pew Research Article – Yes, it’s old I know, but it’s still facts] there are in fact 25 million households in the United States that do not have regular internet access, let alone have a computer in their household. Now-a-days it seems ordinary to have access to the internet and to use a computer within the comforts of your own home.

Let me make one thing clear – If you are among those who do have internet access and a computer of some sort within your household, consider your self grateful!

So…what about the students who don’t have access to a computer in their household?

Well, they rely on school computers and go to the library to use a computer which is surprisingly what most of us did back before computers were in every household (for me that would be the early 90s). Even while in college, I recall peers going to the library to complete papers or complete homework assignments. Recently, my niece accidentally threw away a 4 page magazine article that was given to her by her teacher to complete her homework assignment – She was absolutely devastated. I, on the other hand, furrowed my eyebrows at her reaction and told her ‘Don’t worry, everything is online, I’ll find it for you’. Within minutes, I found the same article written online and she was overjoyed. Later on, my sister called to my attention that some students depend on that 4 page magazine article in order to complete their homework since they don’t have access to a computer at home and aren’t able to look things up in a blink of an eye. I immediately understood why my niece felt the way she did – She does have access to a computer and internet however, she doesn’t fully understand how she can use it to find information online. With that being said, put yourself in her shoes for second (with the understanding that you make good grades and try to follow most of the directions when given) – Imagine realizing you misplaced the article you needed to get your homework completed. Full panic sets in as you realize you won’t be able to complete your assignment and will ultimately receive a grade that you aren’t proud of.

Keep in mind that some may not have access to the same resources as you do and be sensitive to it. If you do have an old laptop that is still performing relatively well – consider letting someone else have it to own.