Laid Off…Again

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So it happened again, I was laid off last Tuesday. This is the 3rd time it’s happened and the 2nd tech job I was laid off from. The low down on the lay off was that the team was going in a different direction than I was. Of course I was sad about it but honestly, this is a blessing in disguise, I get to work on something new and really define what I want in my future. 

On Wednesday, I posted on Twitter that I was laid off and asked for assistance in finding my next gig. The response? WAS BEYOND WHAT I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!

I am forever grateful for all those that tweeted about postings, sent DMs, retweeted or liked my post! Most of all – I am beyond grateful to my friends, former colleagues and strangers in the tech industry who helped amplify my post! You all are the true MVPs! Huge shout out to Caree who called out those who were talking diversity – she urged you all to put your diversity words into action and Claire who tagged in lots of her own friends and colleagues to help out! I also had tons of friends who had some great words to say about me – let it be known, I had no idea they would do that and I’m so appreciative of their generosity and honesty! Mariah from We Dish That podcast message me to make a quick graphic with my pic on it to advertise I was looking for work!

Caree tweeting about putting diversity talk into action
Post from We Dish That podcast

I came up with the plan of action. However, not going to lie, I was truly overwhelmed with the responses that it was difficult to figure out where to start. Luckily, I got some great advice which is to set small goals for myself each day – apply to 5 jobs or send my resume to 3 people, etc. Thanks for the advice Claire!

Things I did: 

  • I started a sheet of all the leads I had – including the link to job posting, company name, size of company, who sent the tweet/dm
  • Started a list of questions for potential employers
  • Thought carefully of some things I want in my new gig
  • Diversity and inclusion – how are you promoting diversity? What’s your leadership team look like?
  • Challenging work – I want to be out of my comfort zone with the backing of my new team
  • Making a difference – for the consumers of the product/products I’m working on
  • New technologies

At the end of the day, I’m taking things one day at a time and hoping to find employment soon!

If I can give any advice that I’ve confirmed through my own experiences this week is to expand your network! Go to those meetups, talk to that recruiter, do the things outside of work that excite you and get to know others while you do it, be nice to people, do your best, be attentive in conversation – It all matters when it all comes down to it.

The last 2 times I was laid off – I didn’t have a network, I didn’t have much experience and not much support from the community to which I wanted to work in. I can say that things are so different now and I’m grateful for that but it didn’t come easy – lots of work, lots of making myself go to those meetups initially, lots of not believing in myself.