Apple CarPlay Not Working After iOS Update – How to Fix

Smartphone Connection greyed out and not working
Here’s a quick video if you prefer to watch 🙂

For those who aren’t aware, on some cars, you have the option to connect your phone via Apple CarPlay – What that means is that you are now able to see your phone’s screen in your car and are able to access some of the apps for your phone and operate them.

A couple days ago, I was driving home when my phone disconnected from Apple CarPlay. My music immediately stopped playing. I have had this issue before so I was thinking it was no sweat – Just unplug the cord and replug it back into my phone. Only this time, that didn’t work. I also restarted my phone and that didn’t work either. When I got home, I scoured through many articles online saying that this was the result of an update of the newest version of Apple iOS (at the time of this it’s 13.2.2). I tried many things those same articles suggested: including plugging in with a different cord, downloading new software updates through my car’s infotainment system (Which there were none by the way), putting in airplane mode, etc. 

I was becoming extremely frustrated – I took to Twitter to call out my car dealership – Unfortunately, I got no response from them. 

Twitter Post to Honda – No response from them

I decided I would try to see if it would connect with an older iPhone that had not been updated with the latest software – For this, I went to visit my Mom. I explained to her my frustration and how I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a button for resetting this software. During my complaints, I recollected to her how I saw a Factory Reset Data button but didn’t select it because I wanted the system to update…She urged me to try it. And so I did. And it worked!!! 

Apple CarPlay now connected!

Mom’s know best! 

Anyways, because I have not seen this solution online anywhere, I have documented instructions in the video above. I really hope it works for you!