Being an Intern at nearly 30 years old

Determining to take the internship

When I was originally contacted about being an intern, I did what I normally would do and did some research about ‘being an intern at 30’. I found a couple articles, one in particular, ultimately helped make my decision.

A couple of things stood out to me from that article. 1. This person was a career changer and having an internship was the best way to get a sneak peak into the industry but for me my internship was an opportunity to learn more and become a contributing member of the engineering team. 2. This person also worked an unpaid internship – Mine was paid so I said well I’m already one up from this person so why not?

Starting the Internship

I must admit, I felt a bit silly for joining an organization as an intern. I thought the title was beneath me although nothing else, except for the Web Developer job I had just got laid off from, justified me to a better title. Nevertheless, I went in with an attitude of gratitude – I decided to soak up all the knowledge and learn all of the things! A little seize the opportunity if you would.

Once I was introduced to my teammates and the days grew on I realized they really thought I had just graduated from college recently. I still remember the looks on their faces when I told them I graduated back in 2011. It made me wonder, why do we make assumptions based on titles?

Take Aways

We have to stop assuming things about people when we don’t know their situation or what they are attempting to accomplish.

Try something different – Yes, my family thought I was crazy for being an intern at nearly 30 but I saw it as opportunity for growth.

Which leads me to the final take away – Don’t worry about what others think. Focus on your motive for why you want to move forward with something not what others are thinking about.
When all else fails, be bold, be great, be awesome and be fearless no matter how uncomfortable you feel!