It’s Graduation Day!

Well, I made it! 14 weeks of learning 3 full stacks.

It’s graduation day at the Dojo today. Today started like any normal day. I got to the Dojo at 8am, started looking at job descriptions and tried to my reset my Indeed password. I’ve had an account with them before – I figured that out yesterday when I accessed it on my phone and was surprisingly able to save jobs I was interested in. Apparently their system was having issues because it gave me an error every time I tried to change my password…I ended up using my phone to go through the process of changing my password, which surprisingly didn’t have any issues. I applied for a job I saved and looked through some others.

Afterwards, I looked at the post bootcamp section of the platform – it became available to the graduating cohort today. The first thing was algorithms so I got out pencil, paper and my console and got to work – printing an array of values, printing the reverse of the array of values, finding the average/max/min of the array of values. The most complicated one for me? Inserting a value at an index. Why? Because if there’s a value there you have to make sure you don’t lose it. I struggled with this one for awhile before looking at the video explaining the process –  Add a zero at the end of the array (makes sense because you know you’re going to only add one value), starting at the end of the array – copy the values to the end of the array, then add the value at the index…Makes perfectly good sense now. I was trying all other things such as adding an if check to determine if the index of the current array matched the index of the value given by the user, then set the current value to a temp variable, replace the current value with the value given by user, then push the temp variable (which holds the original value) problem with this is that you can only push to the end of the array which may not always be the case. Not only that, but it just doesn’t work in the console – it results in an error and no output is given.

After looking through the first section of algorithms, which amounted to 18 algorithms, I switched gears and took a look at the job search section. The platform provided me great tips on the search booleans recruiters use to find applicants, what information should be on a resume and how to go about looking for the jobs you want to find. The whole video was an 1 1/2 hours long but after 40 mins it was practically time to start our ‘graduation’ so I decided to finish later on.

The graduation

I’ve been to enough graduations to know the graduation song and you better believe our instructor had it playing at the start of the ‘ceremony’ in a jokingly manner. I put ceremony in quotes because it was just the graduates and some people from other cohorts that stuck around. A few graduates presented projects – some from the MEAN stack others in Rails. The lead instructor said a few kind words and we had pizza and brownies! Afterwards we took these great group photos:

Slack for iOS Upload

And a goofy one for the road:Slack for iOS Upload-1

There is one grad not pictured here – he headed back to Seattle the morning of. The guy in the back facing his computer in the yellow was retaking his belt exam in hopes a perfect score. The guy in the red is not in the graduating cohort but his cohort is pretty nonexistent – There’s only four of them total so we adopted him into our group – He fits in perfectly.

In Conclusion:

All in all, I’d say we had a really good group and I am fully glad I decided to pursue this journey. The journey is not fully over because the next step is to get job ready! Next Tuesday, most of us will return and begin the next chapter – finishing projects, working on algorithms and figuring out how to start a career in this industry. I’m excited and pretty nervous! I’ve no doubt that we’re all capable of finding a fulfilling career of our dreams.

Thursday – June 30th – One More Day Left of Bootcamp

Twas the last day of June and not many were at the Dojo

Today started off pretty blah. I was the first in my cohort to arrive at the Dojo today and by about 9am there were only four of us total here. Another person trickled in in the afternoon.

At any rate, I had a productive day today! I spent some of my morning writing a blog post that was long over due. Once that was out of the way, I started looking at some Rails associations from the platform. Afterwards, I went back to the LAMP stack to see if there were any projects to I could recreate in Rails. I noticed one – involving Products (showing and removing products)…that sparked an idea to add login and registration to it and instead of any product…create books.

At 3:30pm I had completed the login/registration/logout, show page(user dashboard) that displays a list of books that are added by users —- The user who created a book can edit (updating the title, description, quantity or price) or remove the book. There also another table that can display the books that the user purchased. And finally a user can cancel an order by deleting the row in the associated table.

Here’s some of my work in the console:Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.35.38 PM

Snippets of my Books controller:Books Controller

User Dashboard Controller: User Dashboard Controller

Routes file:
Routes File

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about what I created in about 5 1/2 hours (with a couple breaks in between). It’s rather exciting because three months ago I wouldn’t have been able to get that far – Now, because I have a better understanding of queries, making information appear on view pages and getting the data submitted by the user; I am able to press forward. I’m excited to put these skills to good use.