Looking Back April 28, 2016- April 29, 2016

Looking Back:

Thursday April 28, 2016:

The next day, we took our belt exams, I didn’t pass but I went in knowing I probably wasn’t going to but instead, knowing the exam would be great practice for my retake. In turns out, I wasn’t the only person who did poorly, majority of the cohort with the exception of 3 had to retake the exam. We spent the day after the exam taking turns going up completing part of the exam as a group as we did as a smaller group the days before but this time using github to collaborate. This process again took much of the day so I didn’t do much additional practice on my own. I spent my weekend catching up on assignments and starting to go back over the exam on my own so I was comfortable with the entire process from creating an ERD in MySQL workbench to deploying on Amazon Web Services.

It was project week and since I had to retake my exam, I spent the week preparing for the test by redoing the exam we just took but on my own this time. This process to much of my time as I wanted to make sure I understood what was going on at each point so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes when I finally took the exam. The rest of the week was filled with algorithms featuring linked lists, folks doing their projects and others studying for their exam retake.

I decided to not go into the Dojo on Thursday so I could have some quiet to take my test. Many times, I need to talk things out and am not able to hear myself think with others having their own conversations so I stayed at home and started my test at about 8am. The whole test takes 4 1/2 hours and I know I needed to deploy my project as well, which I needed to watch the video that was prerecorded by our instructor, even though I’ve watched it in the past, I wanted to follow it step by step and knew I hadn’t learnt the instructions by heart as of yet.

I was working on a tough query when I had about an hour left, I felt confident on everything else but was unable to execute this query to get the information I had knowing that it would take me longer than I had available so I bit the bullet and decided to work on deploying since I knew it from taking the test last time that it was worth a healthy portion of our scores. I was doing well until I ran into an error with my SQL table – For Amazon Web Services, you have to change the localhost and password in order for it to work on Ubuntu server. Before I noticed this, I remember putting my files into another folder, by doing so caused the changes I had made to the database file to not take place in my current folder. Thus in such, causing the demise of me getting a black belt in the LAMP stack. I researched, couldn’t find anything and time was running out so I decided to go ahead and turn in what I had along with the ip address where my project was supposed to running on AWS. While turning in it, the exam platform didn’t recognize the zipped file I had uploaded so I rushed to e-mail it to the instructor also sending him a message on Slack explaining the situation.

I was pretty frustrated so I took a step back from the computer after the test and came back after a while to redeploy my project…I was going to get it up and running one way or another. I was able to deploy but it was under a different ip address than my instructor had so I knew it didn’t count but it did allow me to see where I made my mistakes and to ensure I did not do that again.

FRIDAY – April 29, 2016:

It was the last day of project week and I was pretty anxious considering I didn’t have a project and we didn’t have access to our next stack yet so my instructor suggested I look at AJAX, so I did. In the afternoon, there were 2 project presentations and afterwards I called it an evening.